The Maldives

I have had a couple of mails asking how the Maldives was as a holiday destination, so I have decided to do a blog post about my experience. The Maldives are a serious of islands nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean, from Sydney it took approx. 15 hours to get there. I couldn't find a direct flight so decided to make the most of it and had a two night stopover in Singapore before flying to Male. I stayed in the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore as I have been looking forward to seeing the famous infinity pool for some time now. It does boast amazing city views however it can get very over crowed which is hardly surprising given the 55-story hotel has over 2,500 rooms! 

Once you arrive in Male Airport you are then transported to your island hotel by either speed boat or private sea-plane depending on the distance from the airport. I stayed in a beautiful resort called Velassaru. The Maldives is exactly what you expect, crystal clear waters filled with fish, reef sharks and sting rays and of course the whitest sand. I stayed for seven nights which was the perfect amount of time, the resort is located on a private island which consists only of the hotel and amenities including 5 restaurants and a stunning infinity pool, so there is not a whole lot to do other then relax, swim and sunbath. You can of course do things like diving, snorkeling as well as indulge in the spa set overlooking the uninterrupted views of the Maldivian seascape. The Maldives is expensive for alcohol and food as nothing really grows naturally there and everything needs to be imported. Everything in the hotel was charged in USD and for dinner you are looking at upwards of $200+ per couple. Also bear in mind Male, the main island is a Muslim island and strictly prohibits alcohol, so alcohol is only allowed to be consumed in the resorts. Although expensive there's no temptation from shops, etc so I probably didn't spend any more then what I have on previous holidays. The Sunset in the Maldives was the highlight of my holiday, it is the most beautiful I have ever seen and will give you goosebumps!

If you are looking for ultimate luxury and relaxation with the most beautiful beaches I would definitely recommend the Maldives. It's an exciting time to visit the Maldives as it is in a developmental frenzy. Every few months there are newly opened resorts from top end boutique brands to ecologically conscious back-to-nature hotels. Louis Vuitton is set to open a luxurious hotel here this year. The Maldives beauty will stay with you long after your tan has faded.

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